Minimum Death


By Aixa Portero

Poetry is art, as art is poetry. This poetry work by the malagenean artist Aixa Porter (1975) makes an attempt to delve into the woven words from Prados soul.

Aixa Portero takes refuge in the poetry of Prados and allows herself to be caressed by its until she finds an affinity in the expressed experiences, where sometimes the conquerors of them become blurred. They are poems that want to be guessed. Prados writes from the deepest feeling, transcending reality and its understanding. Where is the border between the real and the unreal? The days vanish to decipher with their interpretation the intensity of each sunrise. Melt the body and the soul, where the dream is the wakefulness and the dreamful vigil… that border basted with yearnings between being alive or dead…



Just pick up my voice
Wherein, stripping the wind
Know God’s body.


Emilio Prados, 1944.



The artist explores the wealth of nuances covering all the poetry of Prados, and spins shadows to let emotions be born from lights of an internal exile. An artistic work as an elusive and long body, sprouting from the river, ascending to irrigate our own private garden, the same garden of Emilio Prados…

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