Hipsípila Series - Aixa Portero - Artista Contemporánea Española
Artista Contemporánea Española
Aixa Portero
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Hipsípila Series

About This Project

The butterfly is a symbol of the metamorphosis of life. Of the will to radically transform its physical and spiritual reality. We have already seen how the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío (1867-1916), in the verses outlined, metaphorically drew Hipsípila emerging from the chrysalis, abandoning the comfortable golden shelter – that is precisely the Greek term Khrysallis, “golden” – and launching to fly towards adult life. As a lepidopteran that is the butterfly, its semantic roots – lepido (scale) and ptero (wing) – bring us echoes of two opposing worlds: the aquatic one, because we usually associate the scales with the figure of the fish, and the aerial one.

Ivan De La Torre

Photography, The Hypsipyle Verse, The Roots of the Flight
Digital printing on a frame on Japanese paper. Diptic 60x110cm each 60x120 cm each 35x27cm 6/ u