SPHERES ROOTS SERIES - Aixa Portero - Artista Contemporánea Española
Artista Contemporánea Española
Aixa Portero
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About This Project

It is true that the works of Aixa Portero transcend the heritage of an artistic tradition of such power and historical journey as the Andalusian, which as a transmission belt of a powerful pictorial school of thought that has its roots in the Baroque, was revitalized from the the eighties in the last century with the neofigurative currents and has been reinvented and projected towards the world precisely by questioning and subverting those roots. After a superficial reading, the work of the Malaga-born artist could seem very alien to these spheres of influence, because of the nature of its installation, of its aesthetic appearance away from complexes and for a style that, without being demanding, if it is very aware of his own reality and vicissitude and that of the woman as an artist.

Ivan de La Torre Amerighi

Painting, The Roots of the Flight, The Voice Of The Tree
18 units, 65.5x35.5cm, framed in methacrylate boxes, Mixed technique: acrylic and ink on rice paper,