By Aixa Portero

This piece comes from a receptive attitude of the city of Brussels, from the point of view of something simple and typical of Brussels, such as a waffle. Small and fragmented, a reflection emerged about the linguistic fragmentation, geographical and architectural foundations of the country; in the way its society communicates.


Subjectively viewed customs distracted and fragmented perceptions (television zapping, information overload…) which ultimately determines its sluggishness and superficiality as a spectator in a long term, I intend to use simplicity as basic mechanism of perception. Thus I seek that the work provokes an emotion witch reveals concern and force reflection of who contemplates the work in a game between the senses and thought. At the same time, I use opposing principles: the full and empty, warm and lightweight, the unit and the fragment, the presence and absence, the past and the future… in a dialectic between matter and thought.

The mass as a receptacle and packaging of matter. Perhaps in the search of the aura of a vanguard utopian idea of transforming the world. The idea that Benjamin will speak, which seems atrophied in a world that lives in a dumped of collective aspiration. At the same time, I mention a time overlap in some reflections that come and go, and in an art form which is never finished. Reflections reveal rooms, faces…


As Artaud says, the human visage has not found his face. “The face is the backdrop of a scene not manifested only between acts”.


However, by digging under the human face, the track of absence is discovered. This is an artistic representation of a wood of cubes made with plaster filled with water (beginning of life) where the viewer’s reflection for a search of his own face is intended, which is always the same, continually repeating itself immersed in the same type of cube without any change. With this work, I seek a duality:




singularity – face – butterfly- life – movement (water flow) – communication – unity


mold – mask – cocoon – death – passivity – isolation – repetition – fragmentation



Glass as a medium, midway between the natural and the artificial, as logic of the not formed, of what is behind and has not come to take shape:
Metamorphosis *.



*This material is used in the work ‘Pictures’ and into ‘Intimacy’, the last one, an image displayed in the maternity ward of an old hospital facility, Dendermonde (Belgium).