Winged Roots - Aixa Portero - Artista Contemporánea Española
Artista Contemporánea Española
Aixa Portero
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Winged Roots

About This Project

The roots-branches of the tree are also substantial elements in his work. The tree is one of the most frequent symbolic elements in all cultural traditions, either in correspondence with divine figures (Attis-Fir, Osiris-Cedro, Apollo-Laurel…) or in association with the personification of the qualities of a whole people (Celtas-Encina, Scandinavians-Fresno, Germanos-Linden, Hindus-Higuera…). As a vertical symbolic image it is possible to see in its form a vehicle of direct contact and transmission between the world of the underground (as origin) and the world of the air (as a horizon and culmination). The tree of life, arbor vitae, and the tree of death, arbor mortem, are the same one, and relate to the three worlds, the bottom is the roots (chthonic or infernal), the central is the trunk (terrestrial or of the manifestation), and the top is the branches (celestial). And yet, despite all that has been said, the symbolic interpretation is an inscrutable path because the symbol itself exists before any given text and independently of it. “Reaches the memory of the writer from the deep memory of culture and revives in the new text as the fallen grain in new territory”, indicates the russian semiologist Lotman

Ivan de La Torre Amerighi

Sculptures & Objects, The Roots of the Flight, The Voice Of The Tree
1 Unit, 120x70x50cm (approx). Pedestal in methacrylate: 90x90x40cm, Mixed technique: natural roots and feathers