Ukronia - Aixa Portero - Artista Contemporánea Española
Artista Contemporánea Española
Aixa Portero
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About This Project

Ukronia is the possibility of a different reality if something had changed in the past. The object of the mask, not being used as it was conceived, is used as a swing or seat from which to observe the world. The same object that for us symbolises this loss of freedom, which is the mask, liberates the tortoise. Keep in mind that it is painted in a classical, anachronistic way, and the classical is timeless. It also looks from the near future. Each observer’s perception of reality makes the instant something different in the same space, even if they are two different rooms. Everything is defined by a different observation of reality. The tortoise has a Velezquian gaze, questioning the viewer, inviting him to interpret and thus bringing time into the painting (it is classical, painted as something old that has passed but that passes at the same time and will be looked at from the future, because the tortoise invites the viewer from any moment in the time line). The birds are a detail of freedom and hope, the tortoise implies wisdom, but slowness, and its shell alludes to ostracism, but its attitude despite the difficulty, is free. The longevity of the tortoise implies that everything is a matter of time.

Díptico 150 x 150 cm, Diptych 150 x 150 cm, Oil on wood, Óleo sobre lienzos de madera